Engine Trouble Indicators


If you see smoke coming from your car, there's a good chance it means you've got engine trouble. Seeing the shape and color of the smoke can help us determine what the problem is. So that we can properly identify the malfunction, bring your car to the nearest Frank's Discount Tire and our certified mechanics will perform an examination and make a recommendation about the appropriate remedy.

Irregular Noises

We can tell a lot about how well an engine is working just by listening to it run. Noticeable, high-volume noises probably mean that it is time for an inspection. Bearing failure is one example of a loud problem. An irregularity with the piston wrist pins or crankshaft can usually be heard at the bottom of the engine. A noise that sounds like knocking might mean there is trouble inside the engine.

When the engine is stressed by an acceleration or a steep hill, for example if the unusual sounds get louder, this is a good indication that the problem is with the engine. If this happens, try to strain the engine as little as possible and bring it in to be inspected by our certified mechanics right away.

Loss of Power

It's normal for vehicles to lose strength as they get older. A gradual change is not an indicator of a problem, but you should take your vehicle to the closest Frank's Discount Tire location if you experience an abrupt loss of power. Our mechanics will look for a problem with your engine's major components, as these are usually the cause of an immediate change with the functionality of your vehicle. Another warning sign is difficulty with the way the vehicle moves, for example surging, stalling, jerking, or lurching.